Interiors Intoto’s brief, working directly with the nominated painting contractors to the project, was to provide three options for approval by the Executive Committee.  The approved scheme is currently in progress, with anticipated completion February 2013.  Images to be updated after handover of the project.

edit caption Gillespie Ave 2

Residents entrance leading into the apartments from Gillespie Avenue.  Three apartment blocks located on Gillespie Avenue, Ralph Street, and Botany Road make up this complex.  All three buildings share a central grassy courtyard, landscaped to provide outdoor use for all residents.  ‘Green Greys’ were specifed to exterior paint finishes to complement the landscaping.

Gillespie Ave 8 (sml)

Residents entrance from Ralph Street, again providing access into the central courtyard of the complex.

All three buildings within the complex were brought together using one paint finish scheme only, rather than separate schemes for each building. This concept gives synergy to the apartment blocks by creating a defined space, versus three smaller and separate spaces.